NEW! Infrared Sauna


Infrared dry heat light therapy sessions are now available at all of our locations!


Our Infrared Sauna uses far infrared. Far Infrared is the longest wavelength which penetrates your body's cells  warming you from the inside out and assisting to expel toxins. By working at a cellular level this produces the greatest levels of detoxification and stimulates your metabolism to aid in weight-loss. 

The heat from infrared also warms muscle and tendon tissue inducing relaxation and lengthening of fibers. This assists with muscle and joint pain associated with exercise, stress or other inflammation.  By pairing an infrared therapy with bodywork, you will receive a more effective treatment and see results that last longer than either alone. Infrared heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. 

Pricing: Single Sessions

20 Minute Session - $25 
40 Minute Session - $45 

Add an additional person for just $20! 


3 Pack 40 Minute Sessions - $120 ($40/ session)

6 Pack 40 Minute Sessions - $225 ($37.50/ session)
12 Pack 40 Minute Sessions - $420 ($35/session)


3 Pack 20 Minute Sessions - $60 ($20/session)

6 Pack 20 Minute Session - $105 ($17.50/session)
12 Pack 20 Minute Sessions - $180 ($15/session)


8 x 20 Minute Sessions per Month - $179







Potential Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna:

  • relief from sore muscles
  • relief from joint pain such as arthritis
  • clear and tighter skin
  • improved circulation
  • help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • relaxation
  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • assist with managing Seasonal Affected Disorder


Our Infared Sauna also offers the benefits of Chromotherapy (colored light therapy).  Light Therapy has been reported to reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, accelerate open wound healing and greatly reduce overall recovery after medical/surgical procedures. Patients have demonstrated increased range of motion, decreased muscle tension and spasm, and improved circulation.


Rejuvenating LED light therapy can be used for pain management such as joint and back pain, sore or torn muscles, sprains, arthritis, post-surgical scars, burns, wounds and more. When used with infrared technology, light therapy (phototherapy) is one of the most effective and noninvasive ways to repair the body.

Light therapy is also used to relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD effects individuals when the lack of sunlight results in seasonal depression. Phototherapy helps with SAD by resetting the internal biological clock (Circadian rhythms), helping individuals sleep better and regulate their mood. Even companies, such as GE and Philips, have created phototherapeutic product to improve and regulate mood.

Cosmetic Benefits

Light therapy is also a growing treatment for anti-aging. Many individuals have seen a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots.

Light therapy is “effective at improving the appearance of the face, neck and chest by reducing the signs of aging, wrinkles and age spots”, says Web M.D. Combined with infrared therapy, LED phototherapy can be a great way to revitalize skin. Light therapy energizes skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, giving skin back it’s youthful look.



We have created a newly renovated private Infrared Suite that you may book exclusively for your use. The suite includes a shower to rinse off before/after your sauna session. Rinsing off in the shower prior to entering the sauna will cause you to sweat faster upon getting in the sauna. We start the infrared sauna at ~100 degrees and it will slowly rise to ~130 degrees over the course of your session. 

You can wear whatever you like from fully clothed to nothing at all.  Please keep in mind you are likely to sweat during your sauna so any clothing you wear into the sauna may get damp. We recommend using one of the wraps or robes we provide.  We also have extra robes if you will be transitioning to a massage treatment room afterwards. 

Infrared Sauna FAQ’s


What do I wear?

We provide everything you need to use the Sauna. You will have a towel wrap in the room for you to wear into the Sauna. Feel free to wear this or anything else that is most comfortable during your session. Please note you will most likely sweat during your session so most people don’t like to wear their clothes or under garments for this reason.

Can children use the Sauna?

If there is an indication or doctor recommendation for adolescent Sauna usage, children may use the Sauna for a maximum of 15 minutes. They must be accompanied by their guardian and the session will be set at 105. As far as research has shown, children are less able to regulate their temperature compared to adults and may not think to drink water before/during/after the session therefore the guardian is present to ensure the best interest of their child while using the Sauna. If at any point the Sauna session is too intense or unbearable for them, please EXIT.

Should I work out before or after?

Working out before or after your session is completely personal preference. Most clients seem to prefer working out first. This is mostly due to using the Sauna for recovery and/or as a reward after a hard session.

Can I use the Sauna if I have a cold?

Sauna is great for purging any MINOR cold or sinus issues one may be facing. If, however, you are battling a serious illness or have had a sustained fever, please consult a medical professional before using the Sauna.

How often should I Sauna?

The Sauna may be used daily. If you have any adverse reaction after using the Sauna, it is recommended that you wait 24-48 hours before your next shortened session.

What if I want my own Sauna?

Please let our Client Concierge know about your interest. We are happy to refer you to an amazing Colorado based company for your interest in purchasing a Sauna. High Tech Health has been in the business of producing Saunas for 22 years & will offer you a discount for the referral from Symmetry!

What do I do while I’m in the Sauna?

Great question! Most people will stretch, read, meditate, listen to music, or play on their phone.

Can I bring my phone in the Sauna?

Yes, this is permitted. Please advise if you choose to use an electronic device in the Sauna, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur.  



Infrared sauna use is contraindicated for people with following conditions:

  • · Pregnancy
  • · Hemophilia
  • · Fever
  • · Insensitivity to Heat or history of intolerance of high temps/fainting
  • · Alcohol / Alcohol Abuse
  • · Open wound or acute joint injury with in 48hrs