Welcome to Symmetry360 Massage

Get Massage. Feel Great. Be Happy!

Our Motto

We envision a world where the power
of touch and human connection is honored,
and health and happiness is a
state of being instead of a pursuit.

Your Time Matters

Symmetry is the home of the Full Time Massage Promise. That's right. Whenever you come to us you are guaranteed full 60 or 90 minutes of “Hands on Time”. This means from the time youget on the table to the time the massage ends, every minute is yours.  Chit chat with your therapist before or after your massage is already built into our schedule, so there's no rush. Massage; the way it should be.

(Got ya. There is no fine print. We mean what we say. Every time. So long as you aren't über late, of course. Even then we give you as much as we can. That's just who we are.)

What we are About

Our goal is to teach people to reconnect with their bodies and live pain free.

As we move through our daily lives we accumulate myriad of stresses in our bodies that we have taught ourselves to ignore. Massage forges an immediate connection and awareness between the body and mind.

Bodywork is not just about massage, but about educating people.  We are a small local business that supports its surrounding communities. We believe in a genuine smile and a warm heart. To us you are a person, not just a client, and every experience is individualized. You make the biggest impact when you feel your best and we want to help you get there.  We believe in the power of touch and connection to make the world better, even for just one moment and one person at a time.

As veteran massage therapists we have a wide variety of specialized techniques that allow us to approach each massage with knowledge and compassion.

We provide Massage services from: Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic or Injury Recovery, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, and also relaxing treatments such as our Hot Herbal Steam Treatment, and Hot Stone Massage.

We have years of experience treating chronic pain, post surgical or post injury issues, working with sports specific needs.

Our website is not just to display our services and prices but is an educational tool, take a peek around. Feel free to call or email us, we welcome your questions.

We are dedicated to our craft and invest in our staff to continually grow and learn together. Our number one goal is to be at our best for You.
Thank you for taking this step towards Symmetry, we look forward to helping you achieve it!