Couples Class Descriptions

Private Classes: $225 per couple
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Traditional Couples Massage

This workshop is designed to begin to help bring massage into daily life.   Massage is not only a way for us to reconnect with ourselves through receiving, but can also be a way for us to reconnect with our loved ones.  Our fast paced, high stressed busy society needs the calm peaceful surrender of massage.   In many parts of the world massage is done in family homes to help relieve each other of some common aches and pains, and we feel that this practice could help to alleviate a great deal of the chronic pain and stress people feel on a daily basis here in the States as well.

By spending just a few minutes with each other you could help to reduce your partner's sore feet, low back pain, neck pain, headaches, help increase range of motion in joints, lengthen tight muscles, and the list goes on and on.
Thai massage is an easy and effortless type of massage that can be done with out causing you sore or tired hands.  This type of massage is traditionally done on a floor mat over clothing so requires no special equipment and can be taught to anyone.

This 2 hour workshop will consist of instruction, demonstration and lots of hands on practice.

    You will learn:
  • How to reconnect with your partner through the power of touch
  • Simple 60 min massage routine that will focus on the treatment of specific common aches and pains
  • Effortless massage techniques that are easy to learn and that actually feel good to give
  • Help increase range of motion through out the body, and lengthen tight muscles for both you and your partner
  • The benefit of hot herbal compresses and essential oils.

Couples Pre-Natal Massage Workshop

This course is designed to "nurture the pregnant couple."  Pregnancy is a time of new adjustments for the whole family, both physically and mentally. This course will help restore relaxation & balance and minimize tension for both partners.  We will focus on massage techniques for the neck, back, shoulders & hips for the Mom-to-Be.  Next we will go over the luxury of foot & hand massage for both partners, as well as the "off-limit" pressure points for a pregnant women. 

Also important to recognize is Dad's need for massage, we will go through a simple shiatsu massage, given in a sitting and floor position.  It's designed to give mom a workout that strengthens her back, hips & thighs while taking care of Dad.  This class will be a great bonding experience with so many take home benefits for the period of pregnancy and beyond! We will also briefly touch on labor massage, newborn & infant massage & couples prenatal yoga & relaxation.