So, What is this 360 Club?! 

The 360 club is here to help you stay on track and save money on your monthly massages! As a monthly membership, you sign up for one year of 90 minute massages for $98 a month. This charge will be automatically taken out every month for the year of the membership (unless canceled), so all you have to worry about is when to schedule your next massage! There are other perks as a club member that include unlimited add on's to your massages, 20% off any additional services, and special promotions and discounts! So join the club and take charge of your health with monthly massages! 


The Deetz:

  • One 90 Minute Symmetry 360 Massage every month for 1 YEAR!

  • Unlimited add on's to your massage, such as hot stones or aromatherapy

  • 20% off any additional services within that month

  • Special promotions and discounts on products 

  • Special access to surprise Club Only offerings

  • No restrictions or expiration of service benefits, use as much or as little as you like

We love perks and plan on throwing in some more throughout the year!
Rules of the club...every good club has them!
Rule #1  There might be a secret handshake
Rule #2  Club membership is for a full fun whole year, if you change your mind you have 24 hrs from purchase
Rule #3  Your club membership is like your toothbrush... no sharezies!!
Rule #4  Get massage, lots of it, feel great and be happy!!



Stop by any location or call (720) 524-3431 to become a member!

Fine Print:
  • Sales final 24 hours after initiation purchase. Valid for 12 months.
  • No sharing Club perks.
  • Transfers to other people is not allowed, but 360 Club membership CAN be purchased as a gift if it is specified during sign-up.
  • Club discount not valid on retail or Gift Certificates (unless specifically stated, like featured products etc...)