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We pride ourselves on a well-versed staff able to customize each massage to the needs and preferences of You. The wide range of training and styles our therapists wield would create an intimidating choice of services to wade through if we listed them all (We know, we've tried). If you are looking for a particular style, just ask!

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We recommend the Symmetry 360 Massage. This is the massage Custom Built each time for you by your therapist using all their extensive knowledge and experience blended together.


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Reflexology is a technique that uses specific pressure points, usually on the feet or hands.
By manipulating specific reflex points, the trained therapist helps to removes stress, bringing the body into a state of rest and relaxation. Even though the massage focuses on the hands and feet, it creates physiological changes through the whole body. By decreasing stress and increasing circulation, the body can return to a state of perfect balance.

60 Min: $103 | 90 Min: $128