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Welcome to Symmetry Therapeutic Massage

Sym·me·try:.: .noun

Beauty as a result of balance of harmonious arrangement

Our goal is to teach people to reconnect with their bodies and live pain free.

As we move through our daily lives we accumulate myriad of stresses in our bodies that we have taught ourselves to ignore.  Massage forges an immediate connection and awareness between the body and mind.

At Symmetry we are not just about massage, but educating people about the body.   We are a growing local business that supports its surrounding community.  We believe in a genuine smile and a warm heart.  To us you are a person, not just a client, and every experience is individualized.

As veteran massage therapists we have a wide variety of specialized techniques that allow us to approach each massage with knowledge and compassion.

We provide Massage services from: Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic or Injury Recovery, Prenatal Massage,  Sports Massage, Thai Yoga, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, and also relaxing Spa treatments such as our Hot Herbal Steam Treatment, and Hot Stone Massage.

We have years of experience treating chronic pain, post surgical or post injury issues, working with sports specific needs.

Our website is not just to display our services and prices but is an educational tool, take a peek around.  Feel free to call or email us,  we welcome your questions.

Thank you for taking this step towards Symmetry, we look forward to helping you achieve it!

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We're growing! Thanks to all your wonderful support, Symmetry will be opening a 3rd location soon in the new Stanley Market Place in Aurora! Click here to read more about the new Stanley Market Place project. Stay tuned for updates on this new location!

Your Time Matters

Symmetry is the home of the Full Time Massage Promise. That's right. Whenever you come to us you are guaranteed full 60 or 90 minutes of “Hands on Time”. This means from the time you get on the table to the time the massage ends, every minute is yours. Chit chat with your therapist before or after your massage is already built into our schedule, so there's no rush. Massage; the way it should be.

(Got ya. There is no fine print. We mean what we say. Every time. So long as you aren't über late, of course. Even then we give you as much as we can. That's just who we are.)

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Introducing our Master Level Therapist Services!

What is a Master Level Therapist you ask?  Well a Master Level Therapist is a massage therapist that has many years of experience treating a wide variety of clients and conditions. Not only do our Master Level Therapists have exceptional skills, they also have the added experience of working with thousands of different body types, giving them the tools and expertise that can help tune into the body and access the core of what ever issues you may be experiencing.

Our Master Level Therapists have trained in many different modality's and forms of body work and are able to observe and follow patterns and movements in the manner that the body requires. They are then able to employ techniques or methods for these patterns and recognize changes. Because of this understanding of how the body functions on a deeper level your MLT can help deliver results quickly  and relax you at the same time. They will also incorporate any tools, techniques, and oils that will be most effective for you within every session.

Check out our therapists, as well as the services they provide.