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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Second Article Post with A Longer Title

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My Second Article Post with A Longer Title

"I strive to be a very caring and adaptable therapist. I believe in allowing the person I am working on to determine their own experience. Whether you need a time of quiet reflection or a constant exchange; slow and gentle or targeted and intense. What I love the most is delivering exactly the right experience and results for each massage I give.I have always loved helping people and even growing up I was fascinated by the play of muscles. I have a boundless appetite for information about our bodies and its many intricacies. I really enjoy sharing all the knowledge and wonder I've acquired, every person I touch teaches me more about the body and its amazing processes. I am Thankful to have found a career that fills my days with healing, beauty and constant connections with wonderful people. Every day I get to learn more and revel in the elegance of humanity. "

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